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Mind-Body Expert | Licensed Psychotherapist | Digital Creator

35 Years Professional Experience: Professor, Clinician, Research in Hospital, Univerity and Academic Settings, Private Practice, Corporate Speaker, Lecturer, K- 12 Schools 

Celebrity / Models/ Executive Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, Advocate, Researcher, Media Consultant, On -Air Contributor, Digital Creator & Author

Collection of Transformational  Mind-Body Micro Practice Guided Imagery 

Micropractices are short mind-body tools to increase a sense of well being, reduce stress and open the mind

 to being present and possibilities.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

*For use in home or office, do not use while driving of using heavy machinery. 

Mind/Body Exercise

 Simply think of a person place, animal, food, movie, or music you love.

Now think of an upsetting event, person, situation newsscast or movie. Even listening to a song can change 

your mood or  body.  What is your state of mind? Notice the Mind Body Connection ......

Einstein taught us that perceiving the world as welcoming or threatening iss the most important decisioni in a lifetime, it determines your life! Love or Fear decide... XOXO (©2016DrSuzanne )

Research shows that when people engage in acts of kindness volunteering, or other altruistic acts, the physical body beneifts. Dr Dean Ornish wrote a book on LOVE and advised if a doctor had a medicine that worked 80% of the time, would you take it? Loving acts and energy is the presciption! 

Love, Laugh and Enjoy! XOXO (©DRS2015)

When the solution is simple, God is answering. -Einstein

Open your mind to receive! Synchronicity is like sailing in the Sea of God; ego is crashing through like a motor boat! Breathe in Faith,  filling your sails with the best Life has to offer(©2015- excerpt from MindBody Medicine-DrSuzanne Stonbely)

Silence is the Language of God....

                                               All Else is Translation -   Rumi

When the sould lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. -Rumi

Imagine, suspending all thought and just "being," taking in the sights arond you as color and shape. 

Breathing in relaxation, exhaling all that is not peace and love! Enjoy the weekend, setting peace of mind of the mind as the goal-throwing in laughter and joy! Enjoy XOXO.

"Mind Body" Model Integrates Empirical Researched Methods  & Creating An Internal Vision Of  Success!

Credits: Dr Stonbely/WAMI 

Lincoln Road Studio

50 years ago, we saw the World through peaceful loving eyes and celebrated the beauty of each country in It's a Small World at The World's Fair in New York! Allow us to move forward this week, with World Peace as point of meditation and prayer, with an individual goal of Peace of Mind for the week.

Let us create a World our Children can feel Safe and Loved! (©DrStonbely2014)


Allow us to begin the week with Peace as the goal of all our actions.

Let us Pray for:

World Peace

National Peace

Community Peace

Neighborhood Peace

Relationship Peace 

Interpersonal Peace & 

Intrapersonal Peace (Peace from within each of us)!

"Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it begin with Me! 

We owe it to our children and loved ones to leave the World a better place! Set a Goal of Peace in all interactions! 


...cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do for you!  release yourself from reactivity- re activating. past hurts! 

Allow yourself to enter the picture and visualize what you would do in this setting!

How would you feel, what tempurature you would experience, what scents would you pick up and most importantly. what yould you be focused on?

Enjoy, you can lower your heart reat, blood pressure, increase your immunity, reduce pain and discomfort and lower stress by using guided meditation.

"When the Light inside us grows brighter than any darkness around us, nightfall never comes! Love becomes the fuel and desire the wick." 

Feel the glow growing! 

Allow yourself to enter the picture and visualize what you would do in this setting! How would you feel, what temperature you would experience, what scents would you pick up and most importantly, what would you be focused on? (©2013 Be in the moment! Mindful Practice webinar DrStonbely)

Enjoy, sudies show you can lower your heart rate, Blood pressure, increase your immunity, reduce pain and discomfort and lower stress by using guided meditation. 

What age comes to mind when you think of mean girls? Think really young... Enlightening WSJ story!

Little Children and Already Acting Mean

Children, Especially Girls, Withhold Friendship as a Weapon; Teaching Empathy

In a program teaching empathy, students at Sue Buel Elementary School in McMinnville, Ore., were asked to put on their 'bystander glasses' to encourage them to act when they witness others being physically or emotionally bullied.


Witness the World though Loving Eyes and the sights will Astound you! Many know the world of fear and lack...allow a stillness of your thoughts for a moment,a minute and allow your authentic self to shed reaction!

Enjoy a Wonderful Weekend! 

After a weekend, breathe in and take a moment to center, visualize the days you desire allowing the heart to open and listen to Spirit, as you picture days filled with loving energy! Love, Laugh and go forth!

"The Light is always present and even brighter if overshadowed! Allow yourself to understand that the Light inside is constant, perception and attitudes are like dimmer switches. Release conscious and unconscious clouds to illuminate your Being! Who would you BE, where and what would you BE if success was the only option? BElieve & BEcome"

A wonderful meditation allows us to shift a focus on our silouette and imagine it filling with grains of sand of your favorite color! Start at your ankles and just watch it filling up; releasing any intefering thoughts. In moments, feel a lightness from head to toe! Practice allows you to reach that state of relaxation instantly (©DrS2022 Resetting your Neuro-Immunity ) Great way to release or welcome the day!

 Enjoy! XOXO

"Play," the latest edition of Harvard Medicine magazine explores how medical science probes the thrills, spills, and ills of recreation and competition. Read the entire issue here:   

As I have been studying the history of ADHD, in clinical settings and interventions, I too wondered if this isn't an over-reported diagnosis. read on and share your thoughts! I have found over scheduling, sleep deprivation and interruption to be a significant variable as well as technology overload, sensory disorders and anxieties. I have always expressed my concerned with over medicating the youth of America as the drugs have significant long term effects such as cardiac valve involvement. Let us open our awareness to a new reality! Let's stop labeling and begin curing! Let's Rethink a national epidemic! ReThinking A National Epidemic! 

ADHD does not exist via @NYPost 

NIMH scientists have discovered areas of the brain that mature later, which also are those most implicated in mental illness, showing increased genetic influence, peaking by late adolescence – the age-of-onset for most mental disorders. These findings hold promise for understanding how age plays an important role in gene-environment interactions that underlie the disorders.  

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